Male Enhancement Zeus ence sailing southward, the Hind passed several islands till she reached that of Mindanao, whence two canoes came off but the wind blowing strong, Drake could not wait to communicate with them. On the 3rd of November she came in sight of the high Male Enhancement Zeus peaked Molucca Islands, Male Enhancement Zeus to the east of which lies the great island of Gilolo. The two principal.are called Ternate and Tidore. Drake had intended to touch at Male Enhancement Zeus the latter, but when near the little island of Motir, belonging to Ternate, a person of consequence, the Viceroy of the island, came off with the information Male Enhancement Zeus that the King had driven the Portuguese, who were enemies to him as well Male Enhancement Zeus as to them, out of Ternate, Male Enhancement Zeus and that he was anxious to receive the English with due honour, and to open up a commercial intercourse with them. He assured Drake that if he dealt with the Portuguese, he would find them treacherous and deceitful, and that the King of Ternate would have nothing to do with him if he had any intercourse with them. In consequence of this Drake resolved to run to Ternate, off which island, early the next day, the Golden Hind came to an anchor. The Admiral immediately sent a velvet clo

ak to the King, Male Enhancement Zeus w. ith a message stating that he came on a friendly visit. The Viceroy did not fail strongly to impress the King s mind Male Enhancement Zeus with an idea of the consequence and power of the jenns big secret male enhancement Queen of Male Enhancement Zeus England, and he came back carrying a signet ring, as a sign to Drake that he would be Male Enhancement Zeus well received, saying that the King rhino 8 platinum 8000 male enhancement fda himself, with his nobles, would soon pay him a visit on board. Meantime Drake sent one of his Male Enhancement Zeus officers on shore, who was Male Enhancement Zeus met on landing by a number of the chief people, Male Enhancement Zeus and by them was conducted into the presence of the King. His Majesty blamed himself for not having at once come off to pay his promised visit, and announced his intention of f n hard male enhancement speedily making chinese male enhancement goat his appearance. The ship was accordingly decked with flags, the officers and crew were attired in their best, while the guns were got ready to fire a salute. At length s. igns were perceived that the great person was coming off. Three large canoes, each of which contained some of the chief people of the kingdom, approached. Canopies were rhino 5 male enhancement 2000mg spread from one end of the canoes to the other, of fine mats supported on a framework of reeds. The occupants were attired in white line

Male Enhancement Zeus

n or cloth of Calicut, each person seated in order according to his rank, the white heads of some of them showing the wisdom of the King in employing grave and Male Enhancement Zeus reverend councillors. Besides them were a number of young, handsome looking men, who, also attired in white, stood under the canopy, but showing, from the places they occupied, that they were of inferior rank. Round them, again, were arranged soldiers, neat and orderly, with their arms brightly polished. On Male Enhancement Zeus the galleries on Male Enhancement Zeus the outside of the state barge sat.the rowers, in three ranks, each canoe having eight. At the head of the canoe sat two men, one holding a drum and the other a brass instrument, with which they struck time to direct the rowers. In the bow also was a handsome brass cannon of about a yard in Male Enhancement Zeus length, and each man, except the rowers, had his sword, dagger, and shield, some of them Male Enhancement Zeus carrying other weapons, such as Male Enhancement Zeus guns, lances, bows, and darts. As these magnificently equipped barges came near the ship, they rowed round and round, one following the other, the chief persons in them bowing low as they did so, in token of homage. They then Male Enhancement Zeus put the former envoy on bo

ard, who signified that the King was coming, and desired that a hawser might be sent to the barges, in order that they might tow the ship into a better berth. As the Golden Hind went gliding on. the King himself came off in a Male Enhancement Zeus handsome barge, richly Male Enhancement Zeus ornamented, accompanied by six grave Male Enhancement Zeus and ancient fathers, and as he approached he also bowed towards the ship in a far more humble way than Male Enhancement Zeus could male enhancement pills gnc canada have been expected. He top natural male enhancement pills with increase size and orgasm was a tall, very corpulent man, of a pleasant and handsome countenance. So great was the respect shown him, that even the chief councillors did not speak best supplements for memory loss to him except on their knees. Drake, wishing to do all the honour in his power to male enhancement free samples the King, and highly pleased at the confidence Male Enhancement Zeus he exhibited, ordered the ordnance to be fired, the trumpets Male Enhancement Zeus to sound, and the band to strike up a lively tune. This delighted the King so much that free male enhancement pill he requested the band to come into a boat, which was towed by Male Enhancement Zeus his barge for a whole hour together. Drake, to strengthen the friendship thus commenced, sent a variety of. presents to the King, who had in the meantime dispatched a messenger to bring his brother, named Moro. The latter soon appeared, ac