Penius Pills be caught unprepared accordingly, as the houses of the Parian were very near to the wall, I had several of them demolished so that this space might be free. I wrote to the alcaldes mayor and magistrates of this Penius Pills district, and they sent me a concerning the natives in the jurisdiction Penius Pills of each one, what weapons they possessed, and in how far they might be trusted. I had them visit the Sangleys, and see what Penius Pills arms Penius Pills and provisions they had, Penius Pills particularly the stone workers, lime burners, sawyers, fishermen, and gardeners, as they were people who reside in the country, and for this reason it will be right to exercise more caution in living with them and likewise in Penius Pills order to have them make arrows, bows, pikes, baqueruelos, and other articles for the royal warehouses, as it is from these that all of the military supplies are provided. I likewise ordered that they should collect, bring together, and transport as many provisions as possible. I was not careless in regard to the walls, but rather with much diligence repaired what was necessary and I continued the bui.lding of the fort which I wrote your Majesty was being made

on the point, as it was so necessary a defense, and the supplies and other articles had to be gathered and guarded there. To this end I had brought a great number of Sangleys for the works, and Penius Pills had contracted with them to construct a Penius Pills Penius Pills ditch in maypro industries male enhancement ingredient the part where their Parian and alcayceria stand, Penius Pills and along the whole front from the river to the sea and, as the plan shows, this may be flooded with water at high tide, which enters through the river. As all the Sangleys had knowledge of this, and there were among them restless and Penius Pills vagabond people who had nothing to lose, and who on Penius Pills account of their crimes, evil life, and bust enhancement pills debts vigrx plus could not Penius Pills go back where to buy wood e male enhancement wholesale to China without being punished there for these things with much severity, they took this as a pretext to win over the mercha. nts and quiet people, persuading them that the safest drug for erectile dysfunction precautions and measures which I was taking were in order to kill them and, since the Sangleys were so many and we so few, it would be well to be beforehand with us and kill us, taking our lands. When this came to my knowledge I had them assemble several times, and explained to them the mistake under which they were lab

Penius Pills

oring, and that the Spaniards were not a people to harm anyone who did not deserve it. I told them Penius Pills to be calm, and confide in me and that I would do them no harm if they on their part gave me no reason to do so. It appeared that they were quieted, but the gamblers and worthless people Penius Pills who were very numerous, and had been the prime instigators incited and persuaded them in such manner that they made them believe that I and the friendly Spanish merchants who.were with them and conferred with them were deceiving them. Accordingly many of those in the Parian withdrew from there, and went over to the other side of the river, as if fleeing from Penius Pills the Spaniards because they wished to kill them. Although this was Penius Pills publicly known eight days before their uprising, and I was aware of it all the time, it was supposed that they were fleeing out of fear, and merely to place themselves in safety. They left in the Parian about 2,500 Sangleys who were considered peaceable, and among them five or six hundred Avays who are merchants and people of better conduct than the others, for these gave information of what the Penius Pills others were doing. Although

the same effort was extenze usage made to stir them up, they never belonged to that party, or attempted what is the best sex pill over the counter to leave the Parian for they are a gentle and prosperous peo. ple, with a liking for trade. The rest assembled at Penius Pills a place about a legua from Manila, r3 male enhancement for sale close to the monastery of Penius Pills San Francisco del Monte, whereupon followed what is contained in the relation which will go with this, to which Penius Pills I refer you. The Audiencia has proceeded Penius Pills against Christian Sangleys who are implicated in this uprising and in a few cases justice has been executed, particularly on Juan Baptista de Vera. They have confiscated his goods, which are understood to amount to 15,000 pesos, including that part of them which went this year to Nueva Hespana. From the investigations which have been made in this connection, and what some of those implicated have declared, it is understood that this best over the counter penis pills uprising was instigated Penius Pills from China and that it was discussed with the mandarins who clinically tested testosterone booster Penius Pills were here, or with some Penius Pills one of Penius Pills them. Howev. er that may be, at any rate it is considered quite certain that it was due to the restlessness of worthless people, with a hankering for innovations, so th